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Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely. They are stem cells carefully extracted from placental tissue. The tissue is obtained from live healthy birth in the United States, and our donor selection criteria are the most strigent in the industry, and testing the most extensive.

The stem cell regenerative elements in CharaOmni are obtained from umbilical cord's Wharton's jelly and amniotic membrane - the most powerful source of stem cells, comparing to adult sources. They have been known to provide crucial and powerful growth factors, extracellular matrix, as well as other cell signaling molecules that highly beneficial in skin repair and regeneration

Absolutely. At Chara, our mission is to bring more joy and healing to the world, and we are dedicated advocates for animal wellbeing. No animal testing would be allowed for Chara products.

It is completely natural. The ingredients are painstakingly selected, which contains natural oils, herbal extracts, hyaluronic acid (natural substance our body produces), peptides (a sequence of amino acids identical to amino acid sequences in our body), plus the stem cell elements which are obtained from live healthy births after highly strigent screening and extensive testing.

There has no known side effects for using the product topically, unless there are unknown rare allergies that a person might have toward one or more of the ingredients.

To obtain maximal benefit, we recommend the cream to be applied twice a day, i.e. morning and night.

Pump out 1-2 pumps of cream onto palm, dab small amounts onto face and neck, after the skin is thoroughly cleansed. Massage cream gently and evenly into skin using upward and circular motion.

Yes, you can use it even when you have sensitive skin. CharaOmni is hypoallergenic, all-natural, with significant amount of ingredients that exert potent anti-inflammatory effects. So if you have sensitive skin, this cream may potentially calm down some of the sensitivity, as sensitivity is usually due to an overreactive immune response.

Again, at Chara, we are dedicated in promoting wellbing of all life on earth, both human and animals. No animal testing would be allowed for Chara products. CharaOmni contains all-natural ingredients with therapeutic properties, and no known harmful effects.

Customer Service

Please allow our team 1-2 Business days to process your order. Once your order is processed internally we will email you over your tracking number.

We are fully confident that everyone would appreciate the exceptional quality of the product and love what it can do for their skin. However, if a customer is not satisfied with the product for any reason, we would be happy to provide a full refund, as long as the bottle (containing used portion of the cream) is returned to us within 21 days of receiving the product.

Yes. Orders are shipped out within 24 hours or the next business day. You will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number as soon as your order ships.

Yes! We offer an auto shipment program where you save 10% every month by opting into auto delivery.

Yes! Chara Omni offers Free Shipping for all domestic orders placed that are over $150.

Yes! Chara Biologics ships all of our products internationally. We offer multiple different shipping options to meet your unique shipping requirements.

Please email us at or give us a call at 818-356-8234 and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be more than happy to help.

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